An apple in hand keeps the network away!!!

An apple is said to keep the doctor away but its different in the case of the new iphone 4.the antennae that steve jobs claims that has helped apple to reduce the thickness of the iphone but instead it has created a problem that is that call drops when the antennae is is suspected to be a hardware problem but apple claims that it is a software bug.

Phones usually have an antenna inside the body. In designing the iPhone 4, Apple took a gamble on a new design, using parts of the phone’s outer casing as the antenna. That saved space inside the tightly packed body of the phone, but meant that covering a spot on the lower left edge blocked the wireless signal.

It is seen that covering the spot with a case or even a piece of duct tape alleviates the problem. It is not recommended to go for the iphone 4.The company had been criticized about spotty iPhone service in the U.S. on AT&T Inc.’s network even before the newest model came out.

now after looking at this video.what will steve job say???the iphone 3gs  is performing better than the iphone 4.n its the same problem that is being talked about whereas steve jobs directs it to the large no. of wifi users.the ques to be asked is that why is iphone 3gs still able to connect whereas iphone 4  is not……

may be steve jobs didn’t bother to test the iphone 4 n this the result that he  instead of making ipod touch an iphone without phone n sms,he made an iphone which is near to ipod touch with poor network which is its main job n separates the iphone 4 n the ipod touch 4g………

the question that comes in my head n may be in everybody’s head  is that will the iphone loose its charm of being one of the perfect phones or will there be any solution for this….or apple may put up these kind of posters for the users.that only time will tell…..


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