Improved security on facebook

  Security on facebook has also improved by 3 ways….

Firstly, You can come to know if some hacker has your password or someone else is using your account. You can get an get an sms or email notification whenever someone opens your account. Facebook has termed it as “extra security”. This feature lets you know the location of opening, time, browser and the operating system of the user. If you find any unknown location you can terminate opening of your account at that location by clicking on “end activity” against that location.

Secondly, The thing that i experimented on facebook to check the above claim. I tried opening my friend’s account (the friend gave me the password) and there was a test to check whether i am the same person or not. The test had photos of five different friends with tags in 4 to 5 photos and i had to identify the person tagged. This is repeated for 5 different friends and you can skip 2 out of  5 friends that means you have to correctly identify 3 of your friends correctly.
Thirdly, the improved privacy page with the recommended settings.
  One more thing which is insignificant according to me i.e. you can control placing your name in things such as  “xyz” likes “abc”. This can be done by going to “Facebook Ads” tab in “My Account” page.

Download your facebook profile information

     Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows you to download your profile information i.e. all your details, your friend list, events, photos and all. This is an amazing feature and i think so you you can use it for backup of all your photos on facebook. Download them when you loose them. Following are the instructions….

click on “Account Settings” in the Account menu
Go to “Download Your Information”
Now Enter your password and the rest of the instructions will come to your screen, you can also refer the video below.

Steve jobs is ready with iphone 5

   I was getting my next blogpost together and i end up googling about iphone 5.Guess!!What i found, a whole lot of funny images about the iphone 5 or may be iphone 4gs.Thats for apple to decide.The images, some of them make next iphone look amazing and some make it, here is what i got……

The good looking ones.

Impossible, i mean near to impossible one.

The ambitious one.
The funny one.
And finally the release of the iphone 5.Here it is….The revolution!!!Lol!!

Its been long!!

Ya,Its been long since i have written my last post.I have been missing blogging too but i couldn’t help the bad wifi at college and NOW i’m at home.So,lots of food and masti is underway.Its just been three days at home and already people have started complaining about me not contacting them and i also have a big list of things to do which i made at college.Simply,a lot of things have happen in this span of time about which i would like to share with you and which will also take a lot of time to gather.So,you might have to wait for some of the best experiences i had in my medicine life.I just finished my surgery posting after the very boring medicine posting.In the posting,I got to see a hell lot of the operations(I was lucky that i got a very good teacher) and i got to assist in two of them aswell.I would like to share about it in my future blogposts and also about the operation i will undergo,in which my eye will get operated on for congenital defect,a very rare one!!

I hope i get TIME soon!!See ya…….

P.S. I really liked the quote on the picture…the tagline for the movie “The Social Network”