Never Too late

Life’s becoming a mess.How will i make it??What should i study??What should i study??….That are probably the questions coming in your mind before you face the exams that will decide the fate of your life. The day the results come,it may be the most historic day in your life or may be the worst day. But its all upto you,its all up there. You need to decide what will be your fate. You will need to ask yourself some questions,”Do i deserve getting a seat?”,”Is it worth wasting my time on petty things when i can change my life forever?” and “Where do i stand in the competition?”. 
 I know most of you will be disheartened at the answers and some not.And there will be 4 categories of people.One,who will underestimate themselves,the underconfidents.Second,who will overestimate,the overconfidents.Third,who will not know the answers.Fourth,they will be the confident ones.Whatever category you fall in doesn’t decide the fate.The destiny is one you will shape now. 90% people who will get selected in these exams are at the same platform right now.So,there is nothing to worry.Its all about your grit,your determination and your hunger.
 Its not what you have done that decides your destiny but what you will do will decide.You have to sit down on your study table and tell yourself that i have to change my life and not loose hope.Leave aside whatever you have done or what you have not done,just give your last shot, irrespective of what result may come.You have to stand strong and may what come you will devote most of your weeks,days,hours,minutes and seconds to the books which will script.
 For all those people who are confused what to study.For boards or entrance? Remember the course is same but you have to devote 1-2 hours everyday to MCQs and study theory rest of the time.Rest,that is also very important.But choosing the way you rest is also important.Choose wisely and judiously.Don’t choose anything that will divert or occupy your mind even after your rest time.
 And after your boards revise and revise,practice a lot of MCQs.Especially,the previous papers first and practice papers later continiuosly without break.

WORK HARD!!FOCUS!!n acheive all your dreams….n remember its NEVER TOO LATE

All The Best!


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