Mnemonic-Argyll Robertson Pupil

ARP– Accommodation Reflex Present
So, Puppilary Reflex is absent

I’m Back

Ahhh…After a long time.After cleaning up the mess in my life. I finally having time for blogging….

N yeah it’s good to be back(Iron Man style)
So, i want to share an audio with you all, especially will those medical students who are frustrated in life like me and also for the non medicos. It is an inspiring lecture by the great, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty. I’m sure it will inspire you, motivate you and most importantly encourage you to not loose hope in life. He gave this inspiring lecture to the passing out students on the day of convocation in SDM College, Dharwad.

Mnemonic-Allergic Conjunctivitis

Some Very Aggressive Girls Prevent Cuteness during Allergic Conjunctivitis 

Simple allergic conjunctivitis
Giant papillary type
Contact dermatoconjunctivitis